Tuesday, October 14, 2008

North Dakota Trip

So last week I flew up with some colleagues to visit Hess' North Dakota operations. I tell you what -- it was a great trip! We flew up Monday on the Hess charter flight out of Sugar Land -- direct flight into Williston, ND with 7 other Hess employees. Williston is a very small town (~1,500 people) and Applebee's was where we hit dinner that first night. It is one of 3 restaurants in town!

Tuesday was off to view our 3D Seismic Acquisiton which was already underway. It was about an hour outside Williston and about 10 minutes from our Tioga Office.
Here is the helicopter bringing a bag to drop at a new location (bag contains geophones & extension cords, which a group of folks walk to and hook up). This is our Staging Area. This is also the helicopter we got to fly on!!!! What a beautiful day it was! Jason and Kevin -- our seismic bird-dogs, doing what they do best. (standing around chatting) HA HA
Geologists doing what geologists do best (looking at squiggly lines). Actually, Rob the Hess geologist (far right) was a GREAT tour guide. Here he's showing the group some of what he analyzes.
The group of us by the big Thumper (this is what actually shoots the seismic waves down into the earth.) Pretty cool! You feel the ground shake! And yes, that's me on the left in a hardhat. :)
Aerial view of the local wildlife (cows) from the helicopter.

On Wednesday we headed into Stanley in HURRICANE FORCE winds to tour one of our land rigs. Like I said -- a great trip overall!

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Steph & Jeff said...

Sounds like fun! I'm really wanting to go anywhere right now...however...the job just doesn't fit my "right now" schedule!