Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Wedding Dress, Wedding Decor

I tell you what -- October 2009 is going to sneak up on me - I swear it! But we're getting things going and hopefully we'll be ahead of the game.

Last week Robert and his good friend (and groomsman) Ryan worked on one of our table decorations. Here they are hard at work:

Here is the 90% finished product. Robert stained it while I was out Black Friday shopping with the gals. We have clear votive holders to go in it and it looks really good! Way to go babe!

So while we were out on Black Friday, Mom had a wild hair up her purdel and wanted to go look at wedding dresses. And we did find one that is really flattering and very pretty!! Yes, I'm still "looking" but it always goes back to that one, which I believe was the 2nd one I tried on. Jenny and Jill loved it and Mom did too!! So we'll see. (big smile!) I don't know about for some of you other married women -- but it's all very SURREAL feeling right now. SO exciting and so just "wow"!

I went on Sunday to Ventura's here in Houston for a quick look at one particular dress. Although I liked these, the other one from Austin still "does it" for me -- so just a couple more shops then we'll be ORDERING! I'm hoping to have bridal portraits in April -- so need to get it ordered soon!

Here's a few I tried on at Venturas:
And today, with all good luck and the moon and stars and sun aligning, I'll be sending out the official "will you be my bridesmaid" packages. Hee Hee. Fun stuff!


Jocelyn said...

I love your candle holders... and how cool that your soon-to-be-hubby is MAKING them!

Good luck dress shopping! I bet you'll be like me and be done with everything months before the big day... which is realy not that fun because then you're just itching to hurry up, make it official and celebrate.

Jennifer said...

Those dresses are pretty! I can't believe how much is going to happen to our family in the next year. It's so exciting!!

That's very nice of Robert to make the candle holders for the wedding.

Kim said...

Based on our convo this afternoon, I LOVE IT!

Again, I'm still tearing up every now and again. Can't wait to see you at Christmas!

Jamie C said...

AWWWW! Thank you all for your comments! They each mean a lot to me!

Talk about fun and exciting times!

Kimmie -- looking forward to a good Christmas gathering too!