Wednesday, December 10, 2008

$1.39 & 9/10 per gallon

Yes, this is how much I paid for gas to fill up my Tahoe the other day. And it was at a Chevron.

I needed about 1/2 a tank, so 12.65 gallons and $18 dollar -- I was on my way.

Seriously -- $1.39!

AND -- YAY for Thursday being here!!! I have been looking forward to it since Sunday. My work week is over. Only 5 more days to go next week AND tonight is a girls night out at the Alley Theatre. We're doing an ornament exchange and have dinner at Birraporetti's. We're going to see the Santaland Diaries, which from the reviews is supposed to be a funny adult comedy! I can't wait! ... I hope everyone else is looking forward to it like I am!

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Kim said...

Awww...I remember when we did that before I moved...gosh, I sure do miss the Theatre District!