Friday, December 19, 2008

Thoughts and "lasts"

Hello everyone -- HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Can you tell I'm excited? I'm really hoping to get all my work stuff done so I can enjoy the time I should be having off. I really really don't want to "work from home" but inevitably will and I really don't want to "come in on Monday" but still may. Oye.

So I just reminded myself of something as I was responding to my good friend Stephanie's recent blog -- I've had some of my first last's recently!!!! What do I mean?

Now that I'm ENGAGED! (yah! Yahoo! YIPPEE!) I've experienced some "last's" and there's NO TURNING BACK FOR ME, no siree bob!

I've had my last Halloween as a single lady. (we got engaged the friday before)
Robert's had his last Birthday as a single man!
We've both had our last Thanksgiving as Mr Corkren and Miss Chumchal. Next year will be Mr & Mrs Corkren. (cool!)

And I'm about to celebrate my last Christmas as a Chumchal. Well, ya'll know what I mean. :)

Some really cool "lasts". 10 months and it's all going forward from there!

MERRY CHRISTMAS with lots of love from Jamie CHUMCHAL! hee hee

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