Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year's Eve 2008

So Robert and I had a great low-key New Year's this year!!! We spent it over at Ryan & Shannon's house with them and Danny. We had THE LOUDEST fireworks in the area. By far.

Good times! Happy New Year everyone!!!

Here are Robert and Ryan chopping wood for the fire (so safe after a few drinks!) with this mallet Ryan whittled.
Here is the gang chillin out (literally) before the countdown.
The Loot . . . and only a SMALL portion of it!


Our 3rd New Year's together! A great start to an amazing year!!!!


Oh now let's see. How to explain this one? That is me enjoying the last drops of my bottle of red wine. Apparently, as Danny suggested, I'm doing a Soprano's impersonation. Hmm. Could be.

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Anonymous said...

are you wearing a coat, gloves and...flip flops?!?! hahahaha