Monday, July 20, 2009

Libya Part 6

More pictures of Libya .... Thursday evening July 16th
Me after dinner at the Arch ... by night. REALLY beautiful! Ok, so dinner was cooked INSIDE this clay pot, then they broke it open and we ate!! YUMMY!
Ayman and Michael helping me shop for souveniers!!! Talk about a bonus to have them both around! (Ayman works for us, by the way! He wasn't some Libyan guy I just randomly picked up, however easy that would have been -- crazy!!!) :)
The tower inside the Medina (not Merida like I was calling it before) I had to take a picture of it because the blue windows were awesome and ya'll know how much I love blue!!!
Turkish Lunch on Thursday - kebabs ... or kebaps, like the menu read
Turkish Lunch! (salad, bread, and more 'salads')

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