Thursday, July 16, 2009

Libya Part 5 (I think)

These are some of the best and craziest pictures I've taken so far!!! I went on an over night trip to Misurata, Libya to visit our shorebase. It was a GREAT trip!

Sand Storm near Tripoli

Beach in Tajoura, outside Tripoli

Camel going for a ride

2 more camels in the truck. Very common outside the city. Where are they going? to the meat market??

BBQ'd lamb

BBQ'd prawns & beef


Libyan Salad

Libyan Soup

Drill Bits

At the shorebase warehouse look at the beautiful mediterranean water!!! I want to JUMP IN! (but we were in the harbor)

Misurata Guest House

Check out the FANCY bathroom accessories! Marble and Granite are here EVERYWHERE!
I HATED seeing this :( Poor horsie! He was moving from side to side so thankfully the driver slowed down to fix it. But STILL! :(

Cutting the Cake! It was the "official" grand opening of the Misurata Guest House

Egyptian van on the way back to Egypt. HILARIOUS!

TUNA pizza. Hey -- I gave it a whirl and never plan to again. It wasn't THAT bad .. but umm not my favorite!


Kelly said...

Wow...very interesting to see! Keep the pics coming. Thank you for sharing!

Jocelyn said...

I love all the pictures!