Saturday, July 11, 2009

Few more Tripoli pics.....

American ship mast....from the ship the pirates took down while we were giving supplies to Libya
Entry to where the horses were kept in the Old Town
Wall that surrounded the Old Town
Pretty archway in the Old Town
Summer Party area in Old Town, built and used by the Italians in their reign
Entry to Old Town
Entry to Merida (market) in the Old Town
Dome of the Mosque, which was built by the Italians and was a Catholic Church during the Italians reign in Libya.
The Mosque -- it's huge and BEAUTIFUL!
Dinner: eyes, teeth and all!
Storm Drain -- very effective!
Road block -- covering a DEEP manhole. Isn't that what all old copiers are used for???


Boys will be Boys! said...

Sounds/looks like things are going well for you! Maybe stay away from the food-eyes, teeth??? Pictures are beautiful....

Stay safe & enjoy yourself! Lots of love


*Jillian Leigh* said...

Awesome pics. Hope all is well!