Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Libya Part 7

Pictures from Friday, July 17th -- 3 months till the wedding!!!! OMG
Upside down whiskey bottles, in a non-alcohol country, as one of the locals put it! The Corinthia Hotel -- very expensive and only VP's are able to stay there for Hess
Small fishing boat in the morning
Kids swimming. (in the nasty water on the shoreline. all the sewer drains from Tripoli drain into the water. GROSS! They were jumping off the outlets in some parts!!)
At the Pet Market -- Friday mornings just down the road from the office. There were ostriches, dogs, birds and even a cat or 2)
The baby ostrich that they took out of the back of the truck and into the front with this little kid. He didnt' seem to mind! There was also a rooster in the front seat as well.
Beautiful parrots at the pet market
Birds, birds and more birds...and some are quite expensive (150 Dinar for one canary)
German Sheperds are the favored dog no doubt
These are the means of local transportation (aside from taxis). These are the buses. Stay OUT of their way! They drive CRAZY!
Men at work! ha ha
The gang having a coffee at 10 pm! Peter, Me, Raphael & Shaban
Peter, Me, Aymen & Raphael

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