Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2nd Monday of the Week

Hey everyone! I hope all is well. I'll be posting pics from this weekend's festivities tonight!

Send a good luck wish to Robert Jr as he will be showing his pig, The Beast, on Thursday morning at the Katy ISD FFA Show. The hog is looking good, so hopefully he'll place high and will be able to make the sale on Saturday!

Yesterday was a blur, however some good news at work. Very likely to be switching groups and roles here at Hess -- which is really cool! Travel involved and lots of responsibility. Can't wait!

Thursday is also BBQ Cook-off day! YAHOO! It's the best part of Rodeo, no doubt about it! We've got tickets for a couple booths and can't wait to go. However that means Rodeo is starting and it'll be 3 weeks of no sleep and busy-ness.

Robert is really liking his new job, which we are so blessed to have! Next week he's heading to San Antonio for the Subsea Tieback Conference, so I'll be handling the boys and keeping things calm at the fort! Not to mention -- RODEO begins. This week and next are going to be BUSY!

Anyway. What's new with everyone? Drop me a line soon!!!


hibnerfamily said...

I remember the days of FFA. It seems like such a long time ago! Good luck Robert Jr.!

RB said...

tell robert to look me up if he gets bored, would love to have a burger with him!