Thursday, February 12, 2009

Look what I did last night

I got to play "mom!"

So today at Matthew's school they are having a Valentine's Day party -- you all remember those fun times at school. Coming home with a bag full of cards and candy! Good times.

Well, he was "unable" to get help from someone ELSE on this, so when he got to our house last night -- we got the task done. We ran up to CVS and got him some cool "Nerd Valentines" with little boxes of Nerds attached. He filled out the From line and I did the To line. Got that all done then it was "ugh oh we need a box". So we went through the scrapbook box and he saw some cammo paper that he liked, of course I only had 1 sheet -- so Robert helped us out and we used some old cammo jeans and look at our finished product!!!! Matt drew a heart on red paper, we used my star punch to get the stars in the different colors and he wrote his name out using the stars. For an improvised job -- I think it turned out cute! Even has a "secret pocket" on the bottom! He kept saying "this is awesome!" So my heart was full.

And as he was going to bed that night I told him I loved him and he said it back! awww

Sad to say though -- I'm sure when he gets to his house this afternoon it'll probably hit the trash, but not by his choice. I truly hope that's not the case!

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Steph 'n Jeff said...

Yeah for scrapbooking a Valentine's box!!! So cute!