Thursday, February 12, 2009

One Week Ago

Last Thursday as I was walking downstairs to get a cup of coffee (iced coffee at about 2 pm) I noticed in our lobby this pretty bouquet of flowers and told the friend I was with "aww those are pretty!". Mel, our security gal said "jamie, didn't you get my message -- those are for you!?!"

Awww -- my sweetheart got me -- AGAIN!!!! 2nd time this exact instance has happened at the office! He's so great!

But look closely at the picture above. Do you see something else teeny-tiny at the bottom????!!!!
At Bunco that same night I got the baby out of the King Cake!!! So, as the tradition here states:

the tradition of choosing the Queen of Mardi Gras was determined by who drew the prize within The cake. Today, such a find is still deemed to be a sign of good luck and it customary for the person who discovers the hidden plastic baby to host the next King Cake Party!!
WOO HOO!! What a great year to be blessed with even more good luck for this year!!!! I'm ready for the luck to start rolling in! :)

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