Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ingenuity and Ignorance and Genius!

Let me start out by saying this post is soley based on the observations and opinions of me, myself and I. Enjoy some of the sights around Houston I've witnessed within the last 18 months. :)

I classify this one as IGNORANCE. I mean who is going to forget their Dr. Pepper on the back of the truck? That's sacrilege! Yummy DP! This one is DEFINITELY classed as GENIUS! It's awesome. (as is the man driving the cooler!) This one I will reserve the classifcation, but still think it's funny! :)

IGNORANCE at it's best. Don't see what I mean? Then look at the NEXT picture. *sigh*

What is WRONG with some people?! Whatever were they thinking? Not to mention this is breaking so many laws. You NEVER put the forks facing out. Could you imagine if someone rear ended this truck? BAD NEWS, jack!

Hmmm - ingenuity, perhaps? (yes, that's adults in there!)

Ingenuity. Nope, that's not Matt and his friend breaking into someone's yard, it's them going across into his friends yard rather than walking around the street. LOL

Ignorance? Ingenuity? Tough call..... (ladder out the window cruising down I-10)

And last, but certainly not least, taken on Sunday April 1st (this is no april-fool's here, folks). It's a guy who is cruising down I-10 with his back glass and back hatch strapped down with bungee cords and oh yeah, his back window is a piece of plexi-glass. Certainly falls under Ingenious!

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