Monday, April 16, 2012

You're "old" now too Jenny Lynn!

:) So my 'middle' sister Jenny turned 30 on April 11th and I was GLAD to welcome her into her 30's as she so lovingly gives me grief for being "old" ALL THE TIME! :) Especially around March 13.

Robert, Matthew and I were able to make it down to Wharton and meet up with my parents. Mom brought up some of my 30th birthday party decorations, so she and I hung a few around Jenny & Nick's house! :)
There's the birthday girl - looking beautiful as always. She's carrying baby Hudson, so couldn't celebrate with libations just yet!
We then headed down to El Campo for a birthday dinner celebration at Greek Brothers.  The food (steak night!) was excellent and the service very good!
 Mom made a yummy red velvet cake for dessert. Jenny was also sung Happy Birthday by the duo on stage. Turned out the kid was one of Nick's students from his Boling High School teaching days!

Happy Birthday Jen! Love you loads!  

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