Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our 2nd Anniversary Day

As usual, our anniversary day was full of stuff -- like work. And baseball. But we made the most of it!

Robert and I were able to meet up for lunch and he showed up with these beauties! A lot of flowers that we used in our wedding arrangements - hydrangea's, spider mum's, vendellum roses, curly willow. He's so thoughtful and pays a LOT of attention to the DETAILS! :-)

 They are gorgeous and smell amazing!

We went to lunch near my office, to Cantina Laredo. I haven't been there in YEARS, and it was still pretty tasty! 

Matt had a 5:45pm baseball game which they ended up LOSING. :( It looked like it was their first time to play baseball. Darnit!

When I got home I was surprised by these beauties!

We then headed to Koto for some fabulous sushi. Koto is special to us because it's our favorite sushi place in Houston AND it's where one of our first meals together came from. Robert brought it over shortly after I moved into my own apartment. We weren't dating yet, but I guess you could say he was courting me. :-) Two months later we started dating!

He gave me a beautiful card that made me laugh out loud and then cry. It was a GREAT Anniversary day! xoxo

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